Estate Sales

1. Initial Consultation
2. Sign Contract
3. 1st Walk-through pictures
4. Inventory estate items
5. Clean, wash, display items to their advantage (house is also clean & readied for “guests”)
6. Tables, shelves, displays with tablecloths & scarves are arranged for items’ presentation
7. Thorough research & knowledge of the market, items are carefully priced for purchase
8. Advertising is part of the Second-Hand Rose service unless the estate requests special displays.
9. Advertising includes:
* Local Newspaper
* Sale Bills
* Special Websites
* Second-Hand Rose Website, eMails
10. All necessary supplies & staff required for the sale
11. General security is provided. Additional protection requested by sellers must be paid in advance according to off-duty police pay.
12. Advertise sale of house (if on market) through brochures the days of the sale